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Boston University , Boston, MA, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2004-2007

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, Doctor of Education in Adult and Community College Education, 1983-1988

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, Master of Science in Physical Therapy (Therapeutic Exercise - Major, Administration and Biomechanics - Supporting Areas), 1979-82

Rapid Alternating Movements: Upper Limb
Rapid Alternating Movements: Lower Limb
Modified Pendulum Test.
Use of belt-resisted method to measure knee extension strength with a hand-held dynamometer
Atrophy of intrinsic hand muscles of patient with transfemoral amputation and prosthesis
Plus 2 pitting edema of leg
Figure of 8 measurement
Floor transfer by a patient after a stroke
Isokinetic testing of patient with stroke
Measurement of true leg length
Monitoring radial pulse
Neuropathic plantar ulcer
Outdoor ambulation with rolling platform walker
Skin-grafted dehiscence of saphenous vein graft site
Third degree burn of flexor surface of forearm and hand
Unilateral leg press by patient with stroke
Use of 5.07 momofilament to test sensation
Palpation of shoulder subluxation of patient with stroke
Patient standing on tilt-table to increase ankle dorsiflexion (note blood pressure cuff and weightbearing through left upper limb)
Testing hip extension force with a MicroFET dynamometer
Measuring calf circumference
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